Communication Privacy Matters

Communication Compliance
The Family Based Agency is committed to respecting your privacy and communication preferences. So that The Family Based Agency remains compliant with both State and Federal regulations, it is imperative that your permission is received by our agency to communicate with you using phone, email, and both SMS and MMS messaging as needed. You are permitted to opt out of all future communications by our agency at any time by making your preferences known to us. In order to move forward in our business relationship please agree to the following statement by signing below.
"I, as primary named insured and new customer/prospect of The Family Based Agency have been made aware and agree to be contacted via phone, email, and/or text (both SMS and MMS) by The Family Based Agency and/or its affiliates for solicitation purposes, customer servicing requests, and retention follow up. I am also aware that by changing these preferences at any time may prevent me from receiving the best service The Family Based Agency has to offer and fully comply with such statement.
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