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About Ricky Henriques

My name is Ricky Henriques and I am the founder of Family Based Agency. Our team is committed to helping you understand insurance coverages, insurance risks, and creating the long term stability on your insurance policies.. We will take the time to understand your unique situation and ensure you are getting the best coverage for the inevitable without blowing the bank.

As an independent insurance agency we represent multiple top-rated insurance carriers rather just one. This gives us the ability to impartially shop the competition to find you the best deal possible. Contact us today and let us go to work for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our convictions in Jesus the Christ will ensure your concerns and inquiries are handled in an ethical manner. We also pray with customers or for them daily making us an out of the box type of business because we care about the well being of all around us.

It’s in our name and in our DNA. Family oriented is our hearts desire. So, when you join our company you not only join us as a client but also as a member of the family.

Our agency is truly independent. We are not owned by a franchise company which makes providing servicing our clients truly about them.

With a variety of opportunities to contact us, whether, email, text, phone, website inquiries, etc., our customers have the ability to receive excellent customer service.

No more waiting a specific amount of time wondering whether you are covered or not. Get instant coverage!

Although the market is changing significantly, we still have multiple insurance companies who provide lower down payments than competitors.

We parade around having the best technology in the market which is why we upgrade our systems often to ensure our clients and employees have the most ease of use when transacting business.

Vision Statement

To create a safe haven for employees and customers alike where customers can have access to insurance services and information that help protect their assets, toys, and loves ones. A place where clients are family!

Mission Statement

Create a culture where employees are educated, empowered, and empathetic towards the customers they serve.

Create a simple yet strategic endeavor that will provide clients the information they are searching for.

Create relationships between company and insurance carriers to ensure we are offering the best options within the industry.

Create a family atmospheric culture where clients truly encounter a sense of belonging to a family and not just being a number.

Core Values

We are a Christian based organization that believes faith has the ability to move mountains in every area of life. We believe being true to our core beliefs will help empower the other core values to be presented.

We believe a family-oriented atmosphere provides a sense of belonging for both employees and customers. Therefore, we strive to ensure both sides are healthy.

We believe transparency is a crucial element successfully establishing a healthy company and healthy relationships between company and customer. Therefore, we encourage customers and company employees alike to share ideas to help better our position as a company without harming the reputation of a specific individual.

We believe that being of service is the greatest act and representation of faith. Therefore, our company works diligently to ensure our customers have the best experience when dealing with our company.

We believe gratefulness is a fruit of faith manifested. Therefore, we desire for our company personnel to have a sense of gratefulness for the role they play in the daily lives of our family members, i.e., our customers. Being grateful leads to one keeping their word and fulfilling their purpose in deed.

We believe positivity is a fruit of a health mindset. Therefore we pray all our company personnel will have a positive mindset to help empower one another to accomplish goals they have for themselves but also the company.

We believe communication is crucial to the success of our company. Therefore, we strive to ensure both company personnel and customers have open lines of communication to ensure accountability takes place on both ends. Listening to understand is much more powerful than listening to respond.

We believe consistency speaks of the character of an individual, and therefore, we work diligently to ensure our team remains task oriented, maintain integrity, and ensure our company remains credible in what we offer.

We desire all our employees to have confidence in the products they offer and to ensure our customers have confidence in the services they are purchasing. We want our whole entire family to feel proud of what they have and to feel at rest knowing they are protected by the family who cares about them most.

We desire our team to have a leadership mentality where they maintain a sense of professionalism and desire to help one another accomplish the vision and mission of the agency. Operating in love and excellence is the core of what our leaders will be.

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Ricky Henriques
Dayana Henriques
General Manager

Where We Are Currently Operating

We are currently operating in 7 States within the USA and are looking to open in other ones in the near and far future.

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